Illusionary Success

James Simon, a Canadian artist of distinction, put his talents to mural art, ceiling mural art, and decorative painting. James Simon is well known for his frequent appearances over the years on The Painted House TV show as a guest Canadian artist. His company, Illusionary Success Inc. is primarily devoted to creating artistic interiors in a very tasteful manner.

Over a number of years, this artist painter has created spectacular residential interiors, and many commercial projects in concert hall proportions. A ceiling mural can cover quite an expanse and the overall effect is so lavish, there is less need for furniture down below. Some of his mural art has included such innovations in commercial settings as magnetically mounted mural sections that are interchangeable in order for the mural art to keep pace with the changing seasons outside the window. A ceiling mural might run the gamut from Baroque hand painted designs to beautifully rendered figurative paintings.

Though a Canadian artist, James Simon comes from a varied cultural background and travels extensively to do his art. As a consequence he is multi-lingual but one can say that studied versatility extends to his art as well. A muralist is often called upon to enhance his work with decorative painting techniques or a professional color consultation.